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This Makes Me Want To SCREAM!

Have you heard this one? Mom lives in a care community, and every time Mom’s approached for care, she screams and strikes out. Because Mom is so uncooperative with care, caregivers use restraints. Additionally, the care community is requesting the family hire private caregivers.
I wish I could say this is a really bad joke. […]

Making Decisions In A Crisis

We’d just sat down to watch the Alamo Bowl, looking forward to Oregon’s inevitable trouncing of TCU. And then, real life happened: my mom called, clearly rattled, saying she wanted to read me some papers over the phone so I could tell her what the words meant.

My mom graduated nursing school. Going to work […]

A String of Good Days

I have again succumbed to the “string of good days” syndrome, not realizing I was adjusting my definition of “good” along the way.  When I was interviewed a couple of months ago for a story in the Portland Tribune about genetic testing, I mentioned Florence and how I felt she still had quality of […]

A Hospice Conversation In Two Parts

I recently came across a blog post (Speaking Up About Hospice) that had particular impact for me, as I now find myself in the position of professional/kinda-sorta family member.  Florence (not her real name, of course) has been my client for almost exactly three years now.  She doesn’t have children, and I am her […]