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Dementia Supervision

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    How To Know When It’s Time For Memory Care: 4 Things To Consider

How To Know When It’s Time For Memory Care: 4 Things To Consider

“How will I know when it’s time for memory care?” Hands down, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear. Here’s how I help my private clients figure it out:

What are you hoping for? There’s no wrong answer here, and I ask this question because so many people think that having […]

Do You Know The (Right) Answers To These Questions?

In my last post [The #1 Key To Providing Amazingly Awesome Care for A Person Living with Dementia], I mentioned the “top 10” questions/issues that care partners are urged to focus on–and that I would provide my answers this week.

Like anything else I say, it’s based on having worked with over 900 people […]

A Dementia Festivus Top 7 (+ A Bonus)

I missed the boat celebrating Festivus, that made-up Seinfeld holiday for December 23rd, but I’m going to take one of its four main components out for a spin today, anyway: The Airing of Grievances. To paraphrase Frank Costanza: “I’ve got a lot of problems with [how people with dementia are treated, viewed, and valued], […]

Changes In Home Environment

Changes in the home environment offer clues that something is amiss. The following situations indicate a need for quick intervention.

1. Suddenly writing checks for large amounts to unknown persons/unusual banking practices. People with cognitive impairment are particularly susceptible to phone scams. Monitor check registers and/or online banking to catch problems quickly. Better yet, assist with […]