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Dementia Signs

Dementia & (Loss of) Independence

Independence: freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. (
I say “dementia,” and you probably think “memory loss!” That’s true–as far as it goes. A more comprehensive way to think of it is “dementia=the whole brain is under attack.”

Looking at it this way, one of the most obvious manifestations […]

Lessons From Grandma Anna

This week, we’ll mark eight years since my grandma Anna died of Alzheimer’s disease after a 19-year battle. She was the first person living with dementia I (as an adult) I spent time with.

Anna is the reason I have a passion for figuring out what’s happening for a person living with dementia, how to […]

Changes In Home Environment

Changes in the home environment offer clues that something is amiss. The following situations indicate a need for quick intervention.

1. Suddenly writing checks for large amounts to unknown persons/unusual banking practices. People with cognitive impairment are particularly susceptible to phone scams. Monitor check registers and/or online banking to catch problems quickly. Better yet, assist with […]

Signs of Diminished Safety Awareness & Impaired Judgment

Family care partners are often unsure when or if professional help may be necessary in managing their loved one’s dementia. In this three-part post, we’ll review three areas that may indicate it’s time to ask for help. The lists included in this series do not cover every sign, but should help give you a […]