Is This You?

  • Overwhelmed with the situation
  • Freaking out
  • Uncertain what to do
  • Searching for answers
  • One giant ball of stress
  • Sleep-deprived
  • Suffering from strained relationships
  • Someone who is usually confident, in charge, & in control…but not so much with this situation

I Get It!

I know that it’s excruciating, heartbreaking, exhausting, & overwhelming at times. 5 of my grandparents died of various dementias. I’ve worked with 900+ people living with dementia & their families. This disease process is hard enough–you shouldn’t have to cross your fingers & lurch from one crisis to the next, too.

I’ll Show You How To:

  • Handle behaviors like a pro–without adding more meds
  • Stop struggling & move forward with solutions that actually work
  • Get off the hamster wheel of endless crisis management
  • Stop fighting losing battles
  • Tap into the control you do have in this difficult situation
  • Start enjoying your loved one again

Services and Specialties

I created the group program What To Do When Your Parent Has Dementia to help you get off the hamster wheel of crisis management and start enjoying your life again!

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